Journey #1 God, where the hell are you?

God, I know it’s hard for me to find you, I don’t know where to start. Why are you making everything too difficult? If you only had a phone and a contact number, then I’ll probably call you right now. I have so many questions to ask. Why is it seems like you’re in hiding? If you lived here on earth, we could have located you. We have the Google Earth now; we can track you down if you were just living around the corner. A lot of our scientists have tried to contact you, invented many things looking for clues, yet until now they haven’t found anything that points to you. We have developed super powered telescopes in the past years and have created a lot of observatories and still we are unable to find you. We built the “Keck Telescope” -a twin super telescopes that sit in Kea Observatory on Mauna Kea in Hawaii. It is a mirror segmented telescope with great magnification that can observe distant planets, stars and constellations.


(In photo: Keck Observatories mounted on Mauna Kea, Hawai, by Encyclopedia Britannica)

This Keck Telescope is known to be the largest optical telescope in the world by the time of this writing. It’s a reflecting telescope, it has a giant mirror consisting of 36 individual segments that collect light and bring it to a common focus. Each of the mirror’s 36 segments measure about 2 m (6.6 ft) across.


(Keck optical telescope while inside its dome)

We also have other large telescopes mounted in different parts of the world, and not only that, we have satellite based telescopes too. There’s the Hubble Telescope, the Compton Gamma Ray scope, and much more. But still, you are unreachable. All we see under the lenses are stars, nebulas and galaxies. Scientists add, that the distance of the earth to its nearest star is roughly 150 million kilometers, which is around 93 million miles! That’s way too far! (I’ll be dead even before I reached half way)

Well, I guess it will be fine if I’ll just sit tight and gaze the sky in a starry night. The view is awesome tonight, even without a pair of scopes. A high definition camera would sure come in handy if the sky would stay clear for the entire evening; a great time to relax most likely, while I lay my back on a grassy plain just around my house.


Why are stars so bright? They look like LED Bulbs at night, seemingly little lights flickering from a distance, so nice to see, and so amazing to behold. I wonder how they got there. What caused them be? I am still trying to figure that out though. But I just can’t. The more I think, the more questions are getting involved. Started with a simple question, and yet things become complicated while in the process.

Just for instance, how in the world that stars managed to stay in their course and position without colliding with one another? Their distance from each other varies, but what keep them be? How they maintain their spots in their respective constellation? Maybe, just maybe, they were products of pure chance or there must be another explanation perchance. Definitely, our great scientists have answers to such phenomena.

God, why haven’t you made yourself visible? So that I can talk to you face to face. Why have you hidden yourself behind the stars? Why did you make your abode beyond the universe which made you more unreachable and impossible to get in touch?

Nonetheless, this journey is just a beginning, this doesn’t end here. You really need to answer my call. We must continue.

Because God, if you do really exist, we certainly need to talk.


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Journey #1 God, Where the hell are You?

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