Journey #2 Looking up to the Skies

God, I remember one night, while I was stargazing at the expanse of the skies and saw a shooting star. It was so sudden and unexpected, but lo and behold there it was, a bright object with long trail of light! I was really surprised and speechless as I watched. Then, I got so excited and hoped for more. And to my amazement, there they were, falling down right from the skies!  Although some say, they are rocks travelling throughout the space, and as they travel along, some pass by near the Earth’s atmosphere, and become visible to the naked eyes. Then I thought, “Is God throwing rocks into space?  What the hell is He doing? What if they hit Earth? He could be upset or something. But why does He have to shoot stars anyway?!”

God, to be honest; shooting stars are wonderful to see. Their dazzling lights that cross the skies, arching through the Earth’s sphere, seem like enticing, telling me to expect even more.


So here goes another question God, I already mentioned one and will reiterate it. “Why do you throw rocks into space?” (Sounds ridiculous right?) I’ll add more if I may. “Can you just shoot something else other than these dizzy, glittering stars?  Just don’t hit Earth okay?” (I’m really insane)

But jesting aside, why do shooting stars travel much faster than planets revolving the sun? Seems planets are much heavier in mass.  And why most stars stay in their usual spots while others are traveling much faster like comets? Yeah, some people might blurt something out and can’t control themselves anymore but to butt in. They’ll probably say to me, “Those were meteors and comets you idiot, and they’re not just common rocks. Those occurrences you saw way back, are called ‘meteor showers’, okay?! Did you get it now?” And my answer to them would probably be, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I learned some of ‘em while at school, but still, this doesn’t answer the question WHY DO METEORS TRAVEL INTO SPACE? Where did they come from and why they move faster than the rest considering their weight?” I think, I have to give my brains some rest, it must be bloated by now I guess. Anyway, I’ll have to consult astronomers regarding this matter . Maybe they have some possible explanations, I bet there is, but we’ll return to that later.

Then, later that night, (if I may continue the story) I fell asleep and woke up the next day. Did my stuff that day and returned home early. There was I again in the plains, waiting for the stars to show up, but this time, no more stars in the night. That night was dark and gloomy; nothing was visible, except by artificial lights of course. I was so sad that time, and headed back home. God, maybe you were upset the other night, because I jested that you weren’t supposed to throw rocks randomly into space. And now you have taken them away for good? (My insanity strikes back) But of course, that’s not the case.

Obviously, the reason why I did not see the stars that night was because my line of sight was obstructed by clouds, which made them somewhat “invisible” to me. But that doesn’t mean the stars were no more, nor they ceased to exist just because I wasn’t able to see them. It so happen that my vision was blocked, so I was unable to gaze at them that evening. Still, I’m thankful because I’m able to see them anytime whenever the skies are clear.


God, this observation had made me think that it doesn’t necessarily follows, that if something is not visible, nor physically seen, therefore it does not exist. This led me to believe that there are things that exist even if people don’t see them nor personally know them. I have but a little idea when it comes to stars, planets and constellations. And I know that there are lot things in astronomy that I haven’t come across. So does this mean since I don’t see nor knew certain things then I can say they don’t exist? My common sense says no.

So then God, does this also mean since I can’t see you, it means you don’t exist? Well, my answer is, “it depends,” if you were able to show me clues or evidences that you really exist, then probably I’ll take it and will bring your evidences into dispute, until no doubt remains. Until then, We’ll have to continue our discourse until sufficient evidences arise.

This will be all for the meantime, goodbye for now God, we’ll continue our talk tomorrow.



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