Journey #3 When my Stomach Attacks!

I know every person has a stomach, just like other species do. And I keep on thinking why I have to have a stomach. It’s like a monster dwelling inside of me and bothers me almost all the time. A crocodile trapped inside of me, waiting to devour its prey at any given moment. It always grumbles and seems like roaring, telling me somehow that it had not eaten for ages, and I have to do something about it.

And not only that, it appears to be summoning every part of my body just to get my attention. And when I try to ignore it, it causes me to be upset and makes my brain dizzy and defocused. It looks like it has greater control over my brain than me. Somewhat this horrendous stomach of mine is saying to my brain, “Hey brain, you have to stop, I need to eat first or else I’ll choke you to death right now.” and my brain is like responding, “O’ gosh, I have to obey, or else I’ll be as good as a jellied dessert to this atrocious monster!”


A while ago, I was as mighty and strong like the Hulk. But when my stomach starts to complain, I gradually feel like the gloomy Squidward, drained, dizzy and exhausted.

Irritation begins to develop and I start to lose my temper, then I suddenly turns into a hot headed moron. What’s wrong with my stomach? Why it have to be this way? Why does it controls my entire system? Can I live without?

Another horrific truth about this dilemma is my tongue, because it agrees with my stomach all the time. Whenever hunger strikes, my tongue begins to lust for delicious food, it’s like everything becomes luscious to me. It seems, I’ll eat anything that crosses my way just to succumb to my stomach’s demand.


Now, why do I have to eat? I been eating for years now, yet I’m not tired doing it again and again. Eat in the morning, eat in the afternoon and eat all day! Eat, eat and eat, as if my entire life is just to eat. This is one of the reasons why I have to work. Without source of food or source of income, then that will be the end of my story.

God I just wonder, why do I need to be hungry? While other people say you’re so powerful and your might is displayed in creation. Then I have to ask you if I may, why did you make us to depend on food? Why did you create us with a belly? You could have designed us without one. Then we will no longer have to look for food. Hunger will never be our problem. There will be no more rich or poor perhaps, since everybody will be busy on other things and spend money on something else. If I only had listed all the food expenses I made since I was young, then it could have had a sum of several million most likely, I could have bought a house and car with those I guess.

But some say we are but a product of evolution. My monstrous stomach could have been evolved from the digestive system of lower kind of species like the apes. To my shame, I don’t have any idea how frequent apes eat in a day! Do they desire for desserts too? Or have they tried to make other food stuffs other than bananas and fruits? Have they tried to bake a cake made of bananas? A banana juice or roasted for variation? Though seems confusing to me, I can’t really comprehend why on earth do I have to have a stomach?

Of course, by common sense, it tells me that I need to have a source of energy for my body to develop and collect the necessary vitamins I need for the day. Without food, the essential nutrients of my body will be depleted and I will eventually die. Iron, protein and other nutrients are essentials to my body, without them I will be weak and pale.

Digestive system (1)

(Source: Google reads)

Then I just wowed after I made some research about my tummy. It looks simple, but quite hard to understand. Explanations of their functions were clear, but what caused it astonishes me.  Doctors were in awe while studying the human digestive system. It works amazingly in converting food into energy. It tells me like it was designed to function that way. Every part has its own purpose, from breaking down the food, to the distribution of nutrients into the entire body system and the waste management.

It does pretty well in everything. It feels good too every time I poo.


Another thing I observed with this outrageous tummy, it’s seems like it has its own mind of taking care of everything I chewed. There was an instance where I ate spoiled food, and after sometime my stomach started to get upset. I got the feeling of somewhat there was boiling inside of me and I rushed immediately to the nearest comfort room and spurted it all out in seconds. Maybe that’s the reason why Comfort Rooms were called “comfort rooms”, perfectly matched the purpose. I think I can’t live without a comfort room, as much I can’t live without a food.

There is so much to learn from my belly, where it tells me that probably there is a God or gods, but we’ll get there sooner or later. What I have to do now is to have a reasonable amount of money just to take care of this very supportive “monster”. A little monster which is too powerful to handle and too complicated to understand, yet has supported me all the way even from the womb of my mommy.

A design implies a designer, just as the invented implies an inventor. A good argument though, but I demand for more explanations so that I could come into a convincing conclusion before I decide what to believe.

God, if you’re real, then tell me more.


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