Journey #4 My Father was a former Monkey -really!

Yes, you read it right. I said that because that’s what my school books often say. We were told that our ancestors came from apes, or should I say “Apelikes” –same with the chimpanzees, gorillas, and other primates. We were told that through natural selection, species evolved from one species into another; that every species which was closely related to another, shared a common ancestor. Like humans or “homo sapiens” shared a common ancestor with apes, both were believed had “apelike” predecessors. I remember as a young student, I had no problems with that, as long as it gave me explanations on life’s origin. This was the reason why I said, “My father was a former monkey”. I might be kidding right? But I said that not because I wanted to crack a joke about my father, (though he doesn’t look like a chimpanzee to me) but because I think I have to raise questions for You “God”, on what can you say about the matter. I’m expecting for Your explanation on the origin of life. So please bear with me in this okay?

Of course I know that humans are better looking primates than the inferior species, but that doesn’t necessary mean that we could have been created by God. Unless of course, if there are sufficient evidences that point to that direction, then I’ll drop my view.  Yet as of the moment, it is the best explanation we have on life’s origin here on Earth.

As scientists observed, humans and apes they say, have similarities, like standing on two feet, able to solve simple problems, almost same genes, some physical features, have the same behavioral and social interactions.  These convince many that both humans and apes really share a common ancestry. Scientists further explained that we evolved along with the apes approximately 6-7 million years ago. And through careful studies on fossils, scientists understood how species evolved, the evolutionary process and the former condition of the primitive life on Earth. They have been able to show clearly through fossils, the “evolutionary line” between extinct animals and their descendants. They also found clues about the human’s “apelike” ancestor. According to them this “primitive ancestor” had large, strong jaws and teeth; short stature, long, curved fingers; and faces that protruded outward from the forehead, then subsequently evolved to more human like features.


But of course I still have many questions with regards to this view. Though I believe what scientists say, but then, I have to be thoroughly convinced. There are some questions that continue to bother me when it comes to evolution. Whereas, some of the questions would be silly and pathetic, but I have to know the answer so that I can thoroughly believe it, not just because I chose to, nor I was taught so, but because it’s the plausible explanation and more convincing.

One of my questions would be, what caused the evolution process? If it is truly by “natural process” then what made the “natural process” natural? How come this “natural process” had “gradual” change overtime and not immediate? Yes, our scientists have estimated life on Earth of about billions of billions years ago, if that’s so, then how can we explain the life span of species before? Had they lived more than a hundred years or so, just to be able to produce another kind of species? Did they live  for millions of years perhaps? How much time does a jelly fish need to evolve into or produce another kind of species?  A year? A couple of years? A decade? A century? Or a Millennia? The jelly fish could have died before it even changes in appearance. How much more other species? We know plants have shorter life than most of trees, so it’s improbable to say trees evolved from plants, right? Same with insects, they would have died even before they transmute, either by natural death or eaten by stronger predators. And so animals’ life span are much shorter than humans, (though there are some reptiles that live longer than man) so how come man became the byproduct of natural selection when our predecessors had shorter life span? Yes, someone would butt in and say, “Our predecessors have developed within their system the ability to lengthen life (could be the immune system) which they passed on to the next species. Or perhaps the condition before was worst than today”.


There could be more logical explanation as some would suggest. This really is an interesting topic to learn, which by far the most intriguing since the 1800’s. Well, I have to research more I guess, until I exhaust myself in finding answers. I will not go easy on any suggestion, but I’ll rather go after “reasonable” explanations.

It’s undeniable that all species have different appearances, characteristics and behaviors. They vary in designs. Animals have their own kinds of species, they mate with the same sort. I haven’t heard of an insect mating with a reptile, nor a specific species mating with a different kind. Cats mate with cats, dogs mate with dogs as simple as that.


That could point to a “Designer” and a “Giver of life” if you may, but as humans, we know that people are capable of making up imaginary stories like Cinderella, the “pink unicorn” and “the invisible friend”. What if these “designs” were just mere products of chance? That they came to be because they came to be, naturally?


Yes God, you may argue that you “created” all things by your “power”, but what I need is proof. If there’s none, then how can I be convinced?

And I don’t want to be brainwashed by religious fanatics by their repetitive notion that “all were created by a god” and invites me to join them in their absurdity. I find it somewhat lazy and stupid by immediately jumping into that conclusion “all were created by a god!” Can we just examine first, then later believe?

Such notion had made the matter even worst, because if there is “a god” as people claims to be, then why is that there were so many “gods” introduced in this world? These pathetic fanatics have brought numerous “gods”! And they are trying to persuade others to worship them all or at least choose one. Which one? It’s up to the individual to which “god” he/she likes; that’s what they’re going to say probably.  And why is it that these arguments on “gods” seem endless that some have already resorted to violence? Are these gods so stupid that they can’t speak by themselves nor defend by themselves? If these Gods were the “real Creators” then they could have been so “wise” to explain Themselves. They could have shown us proofs, spoke to us, told us about our origin and purpose, but instead these “gods” just kept silent. Yet I know that these “gods” were just a product of pure human imagination.


But I’m still open for a real God if there is. I’m still hoping for You God to show Yourself in case You really exist. If you’ll just give me some clues, who knows? Maybe if You’ll show me some, then I might shift on Your side?

I think I had much for the day, I have squeezed my mind empty. I need to rest now, but then we’ll talk again about this matter. You still owe me a lot of explanations.

We’ll resume tomorrow. Have a nice sleep God. Have a good rest because tomorrow we have a lot of discussion to do. Goodnight then.


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