Journey #5 Why are women so Beautiful?

Yeah, why are they so beautiful? If humans are first class primates among species, then women are the best of them all!

I cannot really control myself from staring at beautiful women. “Beauty” can be subjective to the eye of the beholder, yes, but we might all know what “beauty” is. It’s about pleasure in the eyes, or pleasing to the eyes. Synonymous to being attractive,  pretty, lovely, gorgeous and somewhat–bliss. One might be attractive to me but not to another. It depends I guess on what criteria personally in defining “beauty”.

Yet I can boldly say that among species, monkey or not; women are extremely exceptional! Oh my! If I just can fix my eyes on them all the time!

But why are they so different from other species? If we really had a common ancestry with the apes then why are they sooooooo gorgeous and the apes are not??? That my eyes would behold them most in their finest forms! I’m not attracted to any apes or monkeys, FYI. None in the animal kingdom have caught my attention except women. I’d rather spend my time sitting by the streets than go to a Zoo.

Unluckily, I can only have one woman, (at a time I guess, haha!) for the sake of love and faithfulness of course, (for peace too or else I’ll be doomed if my beloved would know that I desire more!) but again why are they so beautiful??? Why???? This must be the reason why men would like to date as many women as possible. It’s not about lust or reproduction, but I guess because they are indeed beautiful.


Almost all straight men want to date all women if possible. That is why more and more women went heartbroken. They could have discovered that their love ones were hugging someone else. I guess it’s not because men are bad, but because we are fond of seeing lovely ladies, and we couldn’t help ourselves but to indulge in.

What is this tender feeling that men experience whenever they see women? Maybe if I’ll go back to our previous topic on evolution, there could be some “logical” explanations to this. Maybe it’s because of “chemical reactions” within our body system triggered by the brain. Or because it’s part of our instinct as higher animals. But until now, scientists are baffled with this phenomenal attraction. There has been no “scientific evidence” why men love to see women. (If somebody would appeal that there was evidence from evolution, then that evidence would not be applicable to me.) I love animals as animals, and I love women as women. There’s a huge difference between them logically.


In my own experience, I really marvel how this thing happens. That every time I see girls that “fit in” my criteria, my heart “spontaneously” adore them without even thinking. It happens straightaway. My heart tells my eyes to look more intensely. To look for more details, to gaze intensely and appreciate how lovely they are. It’s not wrong to look politely. What is beauty, if there’s none to appreciate it?

And when ladies come in groups, I always tend to compare them with each other. I inevitably “chose the best” in the group, the second, and the least, then I start to daydream. Not wet dreams! Okay? Daydream, as in daydreaming. And in that daydream, I entertain happy thoughts with the lady whom I just saw. I start to wonder what she would say and do if ever she was with me. Of course I always end up smiling after each daydream. (You could daydream too!)


My, why are they so beautiful? Though they have different skin colors, different body and facial features and yet they are all beautiful in my eyes! If someone would tell me, whom shall I choose, then I’ll choose them all! But of course I cannot have all of them, they might have someone already, well, I’ll just talk to them if there is chance and enjoy the moment, to gaze at their smiles and contemplate on their delightful features.

Seems to me they’re a bliss, a music and a flower. I’ll never live without them if you’ll ask me. I can survive without the animals, but I cannot live without seeing or hearing a woman. Their voice are like well of mountain springs, a cool breeze in a hot day and a sweet melody to the ears. They sound like birds humming and chirping from a distance. Though they nag oftentimes, and yell like a dragon, but still, they sound like rock or rather metallic music in my ears.


They make the world more colorful and desirable. Without the voice of a woman, I guess, man will be lonely and depressed. It’s like they were born to become the apple of our eyes.

It’s kinda obvious that most of the advertisements and promotions women are often featured. There’s this kind of magic, that, at the touch of a woman, everything becomes interesting. Past and today’s artists recognize this as well. That is why most of their art works include women. In sculptures, in paintings and every art, women had part.

A flower might be fine-looking, but a lady holding it makes the fine-looking flower even more attractive. It seems like flowers and women were interlinked with each other. They both look lovely and scent similarly.

They’re a symbol of comfort and hope. Their arms offer peace and their hugs give ease. They know how to care naturally. Their skin, softer and tender, scintillating appearance, hair that define exquisiteness, and fragrance so uplifting.


I feel sad every time I see women being oppressed and maltreated, I don’t wanna see or hear them cry. It’s just painful to my heart each time I hear women being harassed. It’s like I want to beat the guys who violate women. Yes, often times ladies are proud, mean, bad, and might have unpredictable moods or have gone totally insane, but that doesn’t mean they should be maltreated or abused. Why would a person harm a sweet and tender woman?

Women are always women, though unpredictable, sometimes kind, while most of the time -crazy. And yet, they must be loved, cared, adored, respected and had their own freedom.

I am not a pro-feminist, I don’t care about gender equalities or inequalities. I care for women, I care for all. I don’t think that there’s real dispute among people. We might have different ideas, but ideas are just ideas and people are people, we shouldn’t be divided by ideas. We should be united by care. We should tend to one another. Just as a mother loves her children and a husband loves his wife regardless of ideas.

To hell with ideas! I’ll rather go and watch ladies as they walk by. This is one of the best things I can do while living, to see and appreciate all the beautiful things that surround me. Whether it’s the awesome view of terrains, the clear sky, the refreshing waterfalls, or the lovely sunset by the beach, but no one can ever replace the beauty of a woman in my eyes.


God, to me this is unexplainable. I don’t like apes. I bet others do. It’s been hard for me to understand such. And people might not agree with me on this –maybe, just maybe, “You” made women to be women, so beautiful, so adorable. Able to care, to love and have children as beautiful as they are, and cook good too!


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