Journey #6 I was just a Germ who Swam to Survive

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Yes, I was just a “germ” who survived the wearisome travel from a secluded place to a special haven, and have evolved to become one of the finest species on earth.

It was cool and breezy that day, when a person approached a lady, introduced himself and asked for the lady’s name, and the lady said, “Hi! I’m Rose, glad to meet you.” and the person responded with a smile and offered her a handshake. It was then the beginning of friendship. Thousand of messages have been sent, not just by letters or devices, but with smiles and laughs. The warm feeling they cherished every time they chatted. Ordinary places turned magical every time they met. Food becomes interesting after they knew what types of food they’d liked most. Colors began to be intensified as they define their favorite hue. Everyday were happy days each time they thought of each other. Until one evening, while the sun was seemingly kissing the sea; by the shore, a miracle happened.


I was in this person’s body when this “miracle” happened. They were unaware that I was ready to go that time. Then at once, I was released, along with my “other teammates” traveling as fast as possible to reach our only goal – the Lady’s precious cell. It took a lot of days for the woman’s cell to mature.  The time was perfect and so the mood.



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“We” swam altogether and struggled all the way. But only few made it to the end, I was just lucky that I found the “precious cell” first, while the others lost their way and were unable to get in for unknown reason. I was about to be sad because of my teammates, but it turned to joy when I finally got through and entered the “cell”.

I knew it was my new home and I just got more excited of what will happen next.



While I was resting in my new haven, something happened so rapidly. There was simultaneous mutation as if there was an upheaval and commotion that I started to multiply fast.

Utah fertility Center

I wasn’t aware of what’s happening to me but I was growing really fast, that every day I felt excitement, as if I was about to meet something or somebody soon.

My nerves began to form, my bones started to expand and my flesh produced more tissues as the days gone by. My heart began to beat, pumped blood into my stream and organs developed gradually. After a few months time, I learned to smile, folded my arms and sucked my thumb.



I circled around within this “chamber” just to have a comfortable posture. I even shifted position from time to time just to make sure I am at the right spot. I slept most of the time, but there are instances that I couldn’t. I heard voices, became aware with my surroundings and got familiar with speeches and sounds. I heard music more frequently, especially with the lyrics;

Hush little baby, don’t say a word,

Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.

And if that mockingbird won’t sing,

Papa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring turns to brass,

Papa’s gonna buy you a looking glass.

And if that looking glass gets broke,

Papa’s gonna buy you a billy goat.

And if that billy goat won’t pull,

Papa’s gonna buy you a cart and bull.

And if that cart and bull turn over,

Papa’s gonna buy you a dog named Rover.

And if that dog named Rover won’t bark,

Papa’s gonna buy you a horse and cart.

And if that horse and cart fall down,

You’ll still be the sweetest little baby in town!

(Hush Little Baby, Don’t say a Word by Mother Goose, Poetry Foundation)


Lovely melody, right? That was the time I began to like music. Rhymes and lullabies, jazz, rock and love songs too! Not only that, I felt that someone was touching me from outside. Stroked my “chamber” as if they liked to hold me tight.


As the days gone by, I grew stronger and heavier. My internal organs began to function  except for my lungs. I waited in this “chamber” until I reached the appointed time; there, I learned how to be patient and wait with excitement.

[I marveled so much about this wonderful experience, that from a “germ” or better say a “cell” I have become a human being- (with emotion and ability to think). I called this a “miracle” considering the fact that from an embryo, so tiny, yet have become a baby. No scientist has ever explained how the baby was formed inside the womb. Yes, the stages of the growth can be observed, and documented but the “cause” how it happened is still a mystery. A tiny single sperm cell conjoined with the egg cell, turned into an embryo, multiplied within hours, produced flesh, constructed the heart, pumped blood, bones grew, the brain developed,  organs structure, steady supply of nutrients, development of the senses and the improvement of the immune system. This maybe the “real evolution”, species mutated into a larger species, I have truly been evolved! I, who was a former cell, have become a human being.]

The time has come for me to leave my chamber. The water that protected me has finally made its way to my passage out. The Amniotic Sac has been ruptured, it’s time for me to leave the womb and enter the world. It must be hard and really painful for the lady to help me out. I heard her screamed and she was in tears. Her pelvic muscles and upper abdomen have pushed me downward until I reached an opening. I heard people yelling, but I didn’t understand what they said. I knew I have to get out, I have to be finally free, or else the lady would suffer more and die eventually. I have to get out, and after a lot of struggles and tries, I was finally freed.

Soon, my lungs were emptied of water, someone has tapped my butt as if he/she was giving me a welcome. I felt pain moments later as I realized the tap was hard that my butt turned red. I could have thought the person could be nuts, why he/she would hit me that hard, I thought. So I cried, I cried so loud so that everyone in the room would know that I just complained. If I was only able to call 911 that time, I would have reported a child maltreatment complaint. I gasped for air as I cried, then they cleaned my body and handed me to the lady who bore me. I heard someone say, “Congratulations, you got a nice looking boy!” and I cried even more. The person could have said, “handsome boy” rather than “nice looking boy”. Maybe he’s trying to be polite.

That was the first time I felt my mom’s embrace, she was smiling at the time as she gazed at my face. She would agree completely if I told her that I was really handsome and not just a nice looking boy. Then I was introduced to someone I was familiar with; the voice, the tone. Yes, that was the man who was with my mom by the seashore. He looks like me, we’re almost identical. His facial features were almost the same as mine. He could have copied me, or I was a copy of him. Either way, I loved the way he looked at me. As if he was expecting me for a long time. I was happy to know his name -“dad” and the lady’s name -“mom” and me – “Son”.


I wondered why I don’t have a lot of hairs like them, when “mom” and “dad” have full grown hair. Maybe I am a cutie that’s because. Cuties are cute even no hairs. I was not able to see things in those times, only light and darkness. There’s one thing I liked most, what was it? Feeding time!

I wondered where I got my necessary nutrients for my body. While adults eat solid foods, mine was just only liquid. For many months up to years I enjoyed this well spring of life from my mom. It tasted like milk to me. With it, I grew stronger and stronger day by day. My body expanded, my muscles developed and my bones stretched. And still it kept me wondering again, how in the world my flesh expands and my bones grow? What caused these things be? Maybe I continued to evolve perhaps?

Days and days passed by, my mom and dad tirelessly cared for me, fed me, comforted me and managed to get rid of my poo. I didn’t take medicine before but every time I didn’t feel well, my mom just embraced me and fed me with her milk, then my sickness just went away. My mom’s milk would be the cause of my well being, because all the things I needed, her milk provided. From vitamins to antibiotics, all in one!


My mom always carried me, in the house, in the road, shopping, visiting people named “grandpa and grandma”. We often walked by the sea, she told me I needed to breathe fresh air, and with the sunlight, I’ll develop a healthy body. No, we were not sunbathing that time, we were just walking and talking. Sometimes with my dad, but mom said he was often busy cooking at the house or getting jobs done while we strolled down the road.

My dad was always excited to get home, and every time he got home, I was the one he looked for. He loved my mom and I felt he love me too. Or he might loved me more than my mom. But no, we were both loved equally, (but I think he loved me more, I’ll have to insist haha). They’ve bought things and provided everything I needed. They hugged me, kissed me, they kept me warm by their embrace.


So then here are my questions to you “God”, are you the one behind these things? Did you design the manner of my birth? Did you program the sequence? If I compare evolution from species which took million of years to evolve, with this fact that I evolved in just a matter of months within my mom’s womb, then “You” should be the plausible explanation. While I marveled how “homo sapiens” came to be, and yet I can never deny the fact I just came out of my shell in just few months time. I bear the genes of my parents too.

I just wonder if we really came from apes, why people don’t take blood from monkeys if we needed to? Indeed, we are different from monkeys and I think it’s not right to call my mom and dad “monkeys” or “apes” for all they have done for me.

Anyway, how I “evolved” within 9 months was really amazing.

Too complicated to understand, too wonderful to behold.

And yet, I am hoping “You’ll” cause me to comprehend more about “You” and the things you wonderfully made.

But we are not done yet,

there are more observations to do,

you still have to prove who You really are, “God”.


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