Journey # 8 I don’t want to be a Religious Fanatic!

God, I admit that I had been in various religions, and folks there, were really kind and compassionate. I admired their efforts and sacrifices, just to help those who were in need. I have seen them do community services, feed the hungry, send children to schools, establish hospitals and charitable institutions. They are loving and caring even until now. They always help the poor, encourage the depressed and defend the oppressed. Their accomplishments were praiseworthy and deserved commendations. I have seen them in action a lot of times and was overwhelmed by their dedication for humanity.

I saw their sincere devotion; to God and man. They were unselfish, rather generous and had made great sacrifices. They did such, not because they wanted to be known as heroes, but because of their love and service for God. I participated with them, and did the same things.


Luckily, I didn’t turn out to be a fanatic.

No, I meant no offense with my use of the word “fanatic”, or “religious fanatic” to be exact. I don’t want to offend people.

I just realized, though what we were doing was good and well, but the question: “Who is God” has never been addressed. Yes, we were polite and caring, but that didn’t add anything in relevance to the question. But of course, everything we did was for the good of all and I encourage people to do even more. But then, we still need to find solution to this serious dilemma which maybe another form of brainwashing in some sort.

Yes, what you just read is right. Brainwashing: A serious conditioning of the mind that controls or dictates people on what to think. It’s a method of mind formation that involves regular input of information which persuades people on what to believe regardless of sound reason.

Religions I think use brainwashing, and how’s that? Because people, even at the very young age, were already taught on what to believe. Children were taught by their parents on what to believe. Same in schools, institutions and churches. People were induced to believe on something. Maybe because it’s part of a heritage, could be because of devotion, additional membership perhaps, or worst, world domination? (My gosh, no. That shouldn’t happen. If forced, I will be restrained to eat some delicious food, or I might become a monk and will be forbidden to chat with women for the rest of my life! Nooooo!)


I read something in a news magazine some years ago, about a certain man who burned himself while in meditation, as a protest on what his government was doing against his religious group. He burned himself to death, just to show how devoted he was in protecting his religious group. The sight was horrifying, as I looked upon the photos of the burning man while he sat on the street.

That would be heroic and exemplary to those who belong to his religion, but not to me. My thought of it was; if he just talked with the government and used time as an advantage, then, he could have better results. How can he further help make the world a better place, when he ended his life that instant just to get somebody’s attention? His death did not even affect the outcome of their struggles. What a great sacrifice; what a waste of life. (Harsh, but true.)

So, is he the only one who did such waste? I mean great sacrifice? No, there are still hundreds or even thousands who are willing to die, just to protect their beliefs and protect their God or gods.

Wait a minute, did I say, “They’re willing to die just to protect their God or gods?” Yeah right, I said that. So how come a MIGHTY GOD or GODS needed the help or protection of His/their humble peasants? It should be the MIGHTY GOD or GODS that are supposed to be the ones “protecting” the weak servants.


Does God need protection? Or support? Does he need somebody to cheer him up? Does he get depressed too? Does he need to be entertained? Does someone’s death amuse him? Does he really need bodyguards? Or a human speaker perhaps, to speak on his behalf? Does He need defenders so that He will not get too emotional and be offended? I think the most suitable answer to these questions is, no.

If God cannot defend Himself, then He is not God.

If God cannot explain Himself, then He is dumb. (Sorry for the word)

If God relies on people just to make Himself known, then He is not that really powerful.


What I see now is somewhat different. I see you God as an Intelligent Being. Just like what I said in my previous blogs about women. I see You as the Great Designer. Who could have created such a wonderful woman in shape and appearance? You made her wise and simple, and all she needs to do to be more appealing and attractive, is to simply brush her hair. She instantly becomes a star.



No, I think women are not akin to apes. Men perchance, but not women, they are just exceptional.



And so other things on Earth do point to a Creator, since everything has a trace of design and purpose. Everything has paint on it. Some are colorful, some are in monotone, and the combinations of colors are absolutely stunning. Almost everything has color, except things which are transparent.

I got my two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth with a sensitive tongue. Oh, and a brain too. I have everything I need to see, hear, smell, taste, as well as touch. To sense the sensible and evaluate the “things” I learned from home, school and from other places. To be able to discern the reasonable and what is not.

I am a being with an independent mind. I don’t need anyone to decide things for me. I might allow others to help decide for the things I knew nothing about. But that doesn’t take away my will to choose. It’s my life, my choice, and the one to benefit or suffer as a result of my own action. I cannot blame anyone since it is all within my call.

So therefore, since I got an independent mind, then I have the privilege to study and discover. I don’t need to believe anything that I do not know. I must know first so then I can believe.

So please God tell me more about Yourself, so that I might know You and eventually believe. I have seen a lot of reason why should I believe in a Creator, and that is because everything was just wonderfully and purposely made. So the problem now is no longer about Your existence, but rather “Who” You are. Are you God or do you belong to a “bunch” of gods? If so, then tell me more.

I don’t want to be involved in religions and make stupid action just to get Your attention and be branded as pious or godly.  I’ll ask you plainly. So please tell me about Yourself without going through the struggles of religion.

Besides, You are the God of Creation and not the God of Religion. We can invent gods and establish more religions as many as we can, but we cannot change the fact that if there is only one God, then there is only one God. There is nothing we can do about it but to believe. (After the facts had been laid)

I want to know You more God, the more I get to know You the more I’ll be closer to you. Just like my friend Tom. He wouldn’t be my best friend if I haven’t known him better.

I hope we get closer and closer each day God, through facts and evidences, and not with blind faith.

I hope we’ll chat again next time.

I want to discuss more intriguing topics with You.

It’s been nice talking with you.

Thank you for Your time God.

We’ll chat again later.

See you.

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