What this site tends to achieve?

  1. The Purpose of this site is to give its readers time to reflect, and ideas to ponder, on topics that really affect our daily lives.
  2. The site Blogs contains important questions that entangle life’s meaning and purpose.
  3. It aims to encourage every reader to look for satisfactory answers to real questions that depict religion, philosophy, and science.
  4. It desires to elevate facts above belief.
  5. It desires to lead the readers to find facts –if there are– about God, Life and Hope.
  6. Stories were written based from actual experiences and actual thoughts of the author.
  7. The author wants to share his thoughts and findings, on certain controversial topics, with the use of common sense and sciences.
  8. The site desires to provide all necessary topics that might help the readers achieve what to believe, based on their own conclusion on every matter portrayed.


What this site avoids?

  1. This site is not connected to any religious organization or denominational sect and does not want to promote such to ensure the unbiased presentation of explanations.
  2. The site does not want to convert anyone from one perspective to another, or from one religion to another, but encourages everyone to examine the thoughts conveyed so that we can have a better understanding on certain matter on what to believe.
  3. The site avoids to appeal to emotion in convincing readers, but instead appeals to logic as far as the author can.
  4. The site avoids to give false hope.
  5. The site wants to avoid confrontation with certain religions or philosophers regarding their views, but tries to highlight the truth regardless of anyone’s view including the site author’s.


About the author

The author desires not to be known, so that the integrity of the arguments would not be influenced by his background and tries to prevent the readers not to hastily jump into conclusions and be distracted by the author’s credentials.

The author desires the truth because it matters. Not just for himself, but to everyone else who wants to know it. The truth is truth, regardless of our opinion. It stands on its own, it doesn’t needs us to prove it. It proves itself. We just need to know and understand.

Thank you and may your quest to life’s truth begins here.

Good luck on your journey, be safe and be sound!