Learning is always fun.

Specially if we’re learning something worthy. Not just about our job, nor other crappy things; but more on life, meaning and purpose. We’ll also try to discuss some few sensible topics including God or gods, philosophy, religions, sciences, etc. Every house has its foundations, if built on solid foundations, then we can be rest assured that the house is stable and reliable even under bad weather conditions. The same with life, without solid foundations, it is impossible for us to be emotionally stable and mentally reliable.

The courses offered are bound to enhance our  common sense and will cater us to learn more information from sciences, history, archaeology and other source of facts and figures that can guide us to attain more meaningful and purposeful life.

We hope you’ll enjoy all the courses and resources found in this site. Feel free to download everything as much as you can and may it be an inspiration to you in your journey in life. Good luck.



(This site is still in progress, please stay tuned. Thank you!)